Tuesday, June 10, 2014

etcetera ... feasting in Tairua

We stumbled upon this studio & café whilst heading someplace else.  Once inside it was an easy decision to change our allegiance. On a slight rise overlooking the new marina in Tairua on the Coromandel peninsula we were content to linger in this light and airy gallery featuring a showstopper macramé ceiling hanging and walls of stimulating artwork.

First impressions were of a “no-rush” soulful feel to the place and lots of care and relaxed attention by the duo in charge.  Right away you knew that the food would be good.  Even the fact that the coffee came in takeaway cups (but was excellent) was not enough to put me off.

It was rather unfortunate then that we’d not long breakfasted but, to some amusement, three of us “shared” a delicious jumbo-sized berry and custard muffin.  Our sole male, who always seems to manage to pack in a second breakfast, was tempted, and rightly so, by a super-tasty potato rosti, poached egg, hollandaise sauce (just the right amount) and tomato relish.  I was allowed a bite and I have no idea how they got so much flavour into the dish, it was so very good.

We watched as baked goods appeared, fresh from the oven, and wished we could hang around longer for pulled chicken tacos, stacked lasagna and hearty scones but it was time for the drive home.

There are two large scrubbed, rustic tables – one oval and one long communal – but with space for more and there’s always the option of food-to-go or even catering. This place is going to be popular.  Don’t miss it if you’re down that way.  I’ll certainly be back for more.


128 Paku Drive


  1. Gosh, I haven't been to Tairua for years. This cafe looks like somewhere special though - I'm sure it's definitely worth the drive.

  2. You'd probably find it's changed a bit. The cafe would be something you would love, I think. The female owner does yoga classes too.

  3. Sounds wonderful Lesley - wish we had been there with you! We could have celebrated our 27th Wedding Anniversary with you too! x

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