Sunday, July 1, 2012

maple banana porridge

Right now in the winter months, I’ve been giving the muesli a break and am fuelling up with porridge in the mornings.  Creamy and warming, it’s quick and easy to make in the microwave and, of course, very nutritious.  If I’ve got a little extra time, I make this maple banana porridge, adapted from one made in a pot by Bill Granger.  This microwave version cuts down on the amount of sugar used (Bill uses brown sugar and maple syrup) but sugar lovin’ me still loves it.

Slicing the banana thinly ensures it almost dissolves into the porridge. 

Serve with milk and a little cream and of course maple syrup. 

Bill Granger serves buttered apples with his version, making it the most wonderful dish.  I save that for when I’ve got plenty of time.

maple banana porridge

For one serving (I prefer a smallish serving so feel free to adjust amounts)

¼ cup rolled porridge oats
½ banana, thinly sliced
1/3 cup water
¼ cup milk
a wee pinch of salt

to serve
1 tsp maple syrup
1 tsp cream

Place the porridge oats, banana, water, milk and salt in a microwaveable dish (for extra convenience use your cereal bowl if it is suitable for the microwave and is deep enough for porridge not to spill over).  Stir and microwave on high for one minute.

Remove from the microwave and stir again.  Return to the microwave for another 30 second blast.  Remove and stir.   Microwave a further 30 seconds (keep an eye on it and hit the stop button if it starts to overflow).  The porridge should have cooked and be fairly creamy at this point.  If not, microwave for a further 20 seconds or so until it has reached a consistency to your liking. 

Transfer to a serving bowl (warmed would be good).  Drizzle with one teaspoon of maple syrup and a little cream and serve with milk.


  1. I'm a big porridge fan and i hope you will approve that I cook my what I thought was Scottish style, water, salt and add milk once cooked!

  2. Oh yes, sounds just like home! My sweet tooth got the better of me!

  3. Loving the sound of this luxury dish! It's summer here in Scotland but cold enough for porridge! Also .............
    the photography is always fantastic but the presentation tableware and the linen cloth in this one are especially beautiful!

  4. You sound like you're having similar weather to ours but we are in winter! Hope it brightens up for you. The little cloth came from our elderly neighbour many years ago who has since passed away. Always a lovely reminder of her.