Friday, July 13, 2012


Brioche and Jelly

I was right about the brioche, it was a perfect match for the Christine Ferber Gew├╝rztraminer & Rose Petal jelly (see last etcetera post). 

On a trip to the city, I stopped off at local artisan bakery, Albert’s Kitchen in Pukekohe.  Although I hadn’t recalled seeing brioche there before I decided to try anyway.  My decision was pure serendipity and, it turned out, most timely. The store had only introduced brioche loaves that very day. Four or five full plaited loaves loomed large on the counter.  My only thought was how was I going to eat it all!  I was assured a loaf could be frozen so left very happy.

Next day I had a breakfast that turned into an occasion, albeit a solitary one as no-one else was home. Or to put another way, did I deliberately wait until I was alone?

I couldn’t wait to open the jar.  This one was going to be eaten now. 

With one enthusiastic twist, it was done. I barely had to lean forward to inhale the aroma – there it was, a divine perfumed scent assailed my olfactory senses.  I was in heaven after just one whiff.   Had I not been able to eat the jelly, just inhaling it would suffice.  Do you ever, as I seem to do, keep sniffing the heady scent of roses or fresh coffee and you can’t get enough, so you keep on sniffing, inhaling deeper each time?  That was how it was. 

The jelly easily surpasses any jelly or jam I have ever tasted or, for that matter, made.  Pure heaven on a spoon.  I sliced some brioche from the loaf and lightly toasted and buttered them. Then I dropped pretty teaspoonfuls of beautiful, clear jelly on each slice.  I could go on but I’m sure you get the picture.

That evening, after declining a taste, I asked Bill to just take a sniff of the open jar.  He did so.  Obviously encouraged, he said he’d try a spoonful.   His comment?  “You shouldn’t have done that”.  I’ve now hidden the jar.  I didn’t really need anyone to confirm how exquisite it was.

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  1. I'm surprised you have any left in your cupboard, I'd be hiding it too.

  2. Wow this looks delicious. Lovely pale colour of the brioche! and very dainty treat with the jelly :)

  3. Beautiful jelly! Must get down to that bakery next time I am out in the country!