Friday, June 15, 2012


Eye-catching and pretty in their little trademark polka dot covers and white bows, I first discovered Christine Ferber jams years ago on Chocolate and Zucchini website.  Back then, her unusual flavour combinations were less common.  It was only natural then that they should be on my Paris list in 2004. 

Some time later, I bought her book Mes Confitures and made the Belle-Helene jam of pears and dark chocolate (see photo below) – a very sweet concoction which went well with pancakes.

Back in Paris in April this year, a Christine Ferber confiture was back on my list.  I found some at Galeries Lafayette and after much humming and hawing, I selected the Gerwurztraminer and Rose Petal Jelly because of its pale delicateness and the little rose petals that you can’t see in the photo as they are at the bottom of the jar.  Thankfully it survived the trip home, swaddled in soft clothing in my suitcase.

While I could spend hours admiring the jar, I do want to try the contents soon.  Now what to pair it with?  Spread over a light, sweet brioche, perhaps, so as not to overpower what I think will be a delicate flavour.   Any other ideas?

I really do urge you to take a look at the exquisite flavours here.


  1. Do they suggest anything on the jar? A cheese maybe?

  2. I never thought of cheese. No there's nothing on the jar but it does say on the website the usual suspects - bread, toast, brioche etc.

  3. I think once you have sampled it you should make some once the rose petals are out again ;o)

  4. OMG - that looks beautiful. I never heard of Christin Ferber jams before, but I would buy that book for that Pear & Dark Chocolate recipe alone.
    Sue :-)

  5. It could be lovely mixed into cream cheese and used to fill dates - either fresh or the Medjool variety. I sometimes dip the dates in chocolate but that might just be too sweet!